Jewelry Appraisals

Kragh's Jewelry is proud to offer accurate & appraisal services to the Austin area. Our appraisers offer a combined 78 years of experience in the jewelry business, as well as including a GIA Certified Gemologist.

What is a Jewelry Appraisal?

An appraisal is an official estimate by a knowledgeable jeweler with experience in understanding the jewelry industry and having an in-depth knowledge of precious gemstones and metals. An appraisal is often used for resale, estate classification, or insurance purposes.

How are Appraisals Conducted?
Appraisers need to follow a meticulous, educated approach to determining the value of jewelry and gems. They use their knowledge of gem quality, stone or metal structure, the location where a stone was found, the gem or metal aging process, the gem and jewelry market, and stone evaluation techniques to do their work.
All of our appraisals are completed at fair market, insurance, and estate values that can be customized for your needs. We match the most up-to-date approach with time-honored research and techniques, and the intuitive knowledge gained from our passion for gemstones and jewelry. Appraisals typically include: